Blue Ridge Adventure Park

Adventure Park Policy

Blue Ridge Adventure Park Refund Policy
Please Read Carefully

All ticket sales are final; we do not issue refunds for ticket purchases. Refunds will not be issued due to weather conditions for anyone that has started participation on the course. In the event we have to delay the tour and get participants off the course, due to weather conditions, we allow up a 30 minute wait period before allowing guest to leave and come back at a later time to finish the course. The return visit must be within three days of the original purchase for any guest that does not get to finish the course due to weather conditions. Returning guest will only be allowed to do the portion of the course they did not get to finsih.

All participants are allowed a maximum of two hours on the course they purchased tickets for. Participants are not allowed to get off the course and then return back to the course, with the exception of an emergency restroom break, and the time for the break counts toward the two hour time limit allowed.

Please be advised of the following: There are risk and dangers involved in the participation of challenge course adventures. All participants must be under the weight of 250 pounds and in good physical condition. The weight limit is strictly enforced for the safety of all participants. We do require that all participants sign a waiver and release of liability form. All participants that are under the age of 18 must also have a parent or guardian sign the waiver and release of liability form.